• March 29, 2020
    15-Feb 2021 Third Constitutional Building Conference

    On 22 December 2018, the Palestinian President declared that the constitutional court had decided to ...

  • Sept. 15, 2019
    The constitution we want?

    The book includes : the drafting process, separation of powers and the needed political system for ...

  • Our Story

    An-Najah Constitutional Studies Centre is a new and innovative centre. ‎The centre focuses particularly on the separation of powers; the scope of legislative, ‎executive, and judicial powers and on the structure of constitutional democracy; the ‎freedoms of speech, gender studies within constitutional agendas, press, and religion.

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    Dr.Simon Mabon


    " Constitutions play a fundamental role in the regulation of life, yet limited work has been undertaken exploring their construction and impact on the contemporary Middle East.

    With that in mind I am incredibly excited about the establishment of this centre which could have a dramatic impact on not only scholarship on the region but also the everyday performance of law and politics. I am honoured to be listed as a research fellow in such an exciting, timely and prestigious organisation. "


    "It is important that Palestine has established a Constitutional Studies Center at Al Najah University. In a context like Palestine, a center that is solely devoted to the development of the Palestinian constitution, within the framework of human rights, social justice and ensuring that people live in peace and dignity will no doubt provide a strong foundation towards the transition to statehood."

    Salam Kanaan: Regional  Director of Care International in West Bank and Gaza

    Salam Kanaan

    Prof. Matt Smith


    " Collaboration and partnership are key to producing high quality research that has an impact on people's lives, and for this reason, we are delighted to be able to work with the Centre for Constitutional Law at An-Najah National University and to support its development and growth. "


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