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An-Najah Constitutional Studies Centre Hosts Insightful Series of Meetings on Politics, Law, and Legislation

  • Sept. 13, 2023

    An-Najah National University's Constitutional Studies Centre recently convened a series of intellectually stimulating scientific gatherings centered around politics, law, and legislation. Commencing on Monday, July 31, 2023, the event provided a platform for dialogue and learning, and featured the participation of Professor Nathan Brown, a Professor of Political Science and International Affairs from George Washington University. Prof. Brown is also an esteemed member of the Advisory Board at An-Najah Constitutional Studies Centre.


    During this enlightening occasion, Professor Brown engaged in discussions with Prof. Abdel Nasser Zaid, the University's President. This significant interaction took place in the presence of several figures, including Dr. Sanaa Alsarghali, an expert in Constitutional Law and the Director of An-Najah Constitutional Studies Centre, Mr. Raed Debiy, President's Assistant for Community Affairs, and Dr. Kefah Barham, Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the University.


    Prof. Zaid extended a warm welcome to the esteemed guest, underlining that this occasion aligned with the University's broader mission of hosting international experts across various domains. He provided valuable insights into the University's strategic plans and its remarkable global achievements, which have been attained despite numerous challenges.


    Expressing his sentiments, Prof. Brown expressed his delight at being present at An-Najah National University. He conveyed his admiration for the institution's advanced standing at every level.


    Dr. Al-Sarghali, in turn, warmly welcomed Prof. Brown and provided an illuminating overview of his life, highlighting his significant legal and advisory contributions within both regional and international institutions. She expressed her happiness and pride in hosting such a distinguished personality, underscoring the importance of convening such gatherings with global constitutional experts. The aim of these meetings is to illuminate academic theories and foster comparative studies within the realms of law and political science.


    On the following day, August 1, 2023, Her Excellency Dr. Amal Hamad, the Minister of Women’s Affairs in Palestine, graced the University with her presence. During her meeting with the University's President, she lauded An-Najah's commitment to women’s affairs, noting its steadfast support for women's issues. The day featured a partnership event with the An-Najah Center for Religious Studies and the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, culminating in a roundtable discussion on "Religious Identity and its Specificity in the Reality of Palestinian Women." The session drew participation from religious, legal, and political luminaries representing various societal institutions. Prof. Jamal Al-Kilani, Dean of the Faculty of Shari'ah and Director of An-Najah Center for Religious Studies, along with deans and lecturers from Shari'ah faculties at An-Najah University, were also present, joined by representatives from Palestinian universities and religious institutions.


    On August 2, 2023, a dynamic dialogue session engaged professors specializing in law and political sciences at the University. Culminating on August 3, 2023, Prof. Brown delivered a compelling public lecture titled "Palestinian Democracy between Theory and Reality." Attended by students from the Faculties of Law, Political Science, and Humanities, the lecture delved into the history of the Palestinian constitution from 1948 to the declaration of the Palestinian state in Algeria in 1988. The discussion further explored the establishment of the Palestinian Authority post-Oslo in 1994, the inaugural and subsequent legislative elections, and the intricate relationship between these historical milestones and the dynamics of democracy and politics up to the present day.