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Our Story

An-Najah Constitutional Studies Centre (Hereinafter NCSC) is a new and innovative centre.

The centre focuses particularly on the separation of powers; the scope of legislative, ‎‎executive, and judicial powers and on the structure of constitutional democracy; the ‎‎freedoms of speech, gender studies within constitutional agendas, press, and religion. In sum, the centre is devoted to the development of constitutional building in Palestine.

The NCSC grows out of the long and distinguished desire of An-Najah University to create a new form for constitutional law scholarship and studies. It seeks to carry on this ambition through a programme of conferences, lectures, informal “Constitutional Conversations,” and fellowships.

The centre has no politics and takes no sides on controversial cases, but it is committed to the rule of law and the idea that  constitution can be studied and interpreted objectively in light of its text, history, and purposes. It advances this mission through events and activities that foster scholarships, it also generates public discussion, and provides opportunities for students and scholars to engage in analysis of the constitution across the ideological spectrum.