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The Constitutional Awareness Campaign

Engendering the Palestinian Constitution Campaign - in collaboration with the Palestinian Constitutional Court, The Palestinian Initiative  for the promotion  of ‎‎ Global Dialogue and Democracy (Miftah) , and Women Media and Development ‎‎(TAM)

Fund is provided to Miftah by the Norwegian government. 


  • The current constitutional situation in Palestine’ An educational movie. There are five other movies in the making.
  • Educating Palestinian people regarding their constitutional rights.
  • Working with female lawyers, women’s movement, and civil society NGOs to expand their Knowledge and have their input within the draft constitution Palestine has.
  • Focused meetings with the drafting committee of the constitution to deliver women’s vision, and the re-drafting of Articles concerning women’s rights.
  • The constitution we want? women perspective. The book due to be released in 1/9/2019. The official launching will take place in 13/11/2019.