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Workshop in Ramallah to discuss 'The Constitutional Principles of the Palestinian Constitution'

  • June 28, 2019

    Ramallah – MIFTAH, in partnership with the Constitutional Studies Center at An- Najah National University and Women Media and Development Association (TAM), held a workshop on June 25 on constitutional principles in Palestine. The meeting included a presentations and discussions of the democratic constitutional processes reflecting on the international experiences in the preparation of constitutions, the role of the media and CSOs in advocating for promoting constitutional principles and influencing the constitutional drafting processes and the follow up, furthermore the workshop included a critical reading of the May, 2016 Palestinian draft constitution.

    The meeting hosted expertise in the constitutional law; the international expert in constitutional law Dr. Francesco Biagi, the young Palestinian women expert Dr. Sana’ Sargali, director of the Constitutional Studies Center and the legal Tunisian expert Anwar Mansari, founding member of the Tunisian Women Voters League.