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Women, Constitutions and Constitution-Making Webinars

  • Nov. 17, 2020

    As part of the Constitutional Awareness Campaign themed: “My Constitution Should Include Me”, the Constitutional Studies Center in cooperation with Women Media and Development (TAM) and the General Union of Palestinian Women held a series of Webinars titled: “Women, Constitutions and Constitution-Making”.

    The Webinars were delivered over three separate sessions on September 30th, October 7th and October 14th and targeted the Women Shadow Committee in Palestine.

    The seminar was held via the Zoom meeting platform, and led by Dr. Anna Dziedzic and Dr. Dinesha Samararatne, of the Constitution Transformation Network which is based in Melbourne, Australia.

    The seminar included five sessions which tackled the following topics: what a constitution is and why it matters for women, the substance of the constitution, proximate institutions, and making a constitution work in practice.

    Dr. Dziedzic and Dr. Samararatne are post experts in constitutions and gender. They helped in the Webinar to involve the Palestinian women attendees which included academics, lawyers and housewives among others. The group engaged in heated debate regarding women’s issues in constitutions. Both professors emphasized that women’s issues are particular to each country and that it’s up to the Palestinian women to see what they want to take the constitutional theory and other examples, and build on it in their future endeavors in the constitutional making for Palestine.

    The Webinars were chaired by Dr. Sanaa Alsarghali, Assistant Professor of Constitutional Law and Director of the Constitutional Studies Center at An-Najah University. She expressed her thanks to both professors and the Constitution Transformation Network at Melbourne Law School for being strong partners in this campaign.

    The Constitution Transformation Network at Melbourne Law School supports the development and implementation of constitutions across the world. It brings together subject matter and country experts in multiple constitutional fields and has supported constitution-building processes in Asia, the Pacific and in conflict-affected countries globally, through interactive Forums, workshops and publications.